A walk crisscrossing Trappeto in Sicily

A walk crisscrossing Trappeto

At 40 kilometers from Palermo in the heart of Castellammare del Golfo, Trappeto a piece of paradise nestled in a setting of natural beauty and a fertile land with lush greenery, in the middle of a historical itinerary, very suggestive and kissed by a sea of gorgeous colors.

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Built in fourteenth century in the forest Partenia of Frederick of Aragon Trappeto turned slowly in the territory, rich in vineyards and citrus groves overlooking the sea, it plowed once by sailing ships loaded with sugar and wine and now by boats loaded with tourists and vacationers. The name "Trappetum Cannamelarum" originates from the construction of a first factory (1480) for the extraction and refining of sugar Cannamela next to a fortified tower, like so many of today's existing style Arabic - Norman, crowning the surrounding area rich History, of constant battles between Christians and Moors - Saracens. The first houses of the village were, above all, homes of fishermen, built around the Church of the Annunciation (1680).